Thursday, December 07, 2006

Labeling GIS Data with Shape2Earth

One of the most requested functional additions for Shape2Earth has been the ability to label polygons. This is now possible with the use of a centroid function that creates a point in the middle of the polygon for the label.

In the example below, I will be labeling major lakes in the United States.

First, I open up Shape2Earth from MapWindow GIS

Then, from the Properties tab, I select the points that I want to use for the labels using the Enhanced Point Selector dialog box.

If I want there to be only text, I make the size of the icon zero, and do not add a label rollover. If I want to make it a bit fancier, I can select one point for the label, and another that is displayed when the user rolls over it.

Finally, I can select which attribute field I want to use to label each polygon. I can also select to sort the features so that they will be displayed in alphabetical order.

A simple result is show below.

These methods can be used to make some rather sophisticated views in Google Earth

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